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About Us

Majella Mark

Majella has years of experience in research focused heavily on the media's impact on racial disparity. She has conducted numerous workshops including "The Wakanda Workshop" to address racial inequalities using Marvel's "Black Panther's" film as a reference point and the Judy Chicago's inspired art piece for the workshop, "Pussy Plate Painting Party" to address gender inequalities and the objectification of the female body. She is also a writer and artist, involved with many organizations including Support Creativity, the United Nations Association, The Assemblage, Black Women's BluePrint and others. 

Sherrie Mark

Sherrie's passion in the connection between the human social experience and it's biological counterpart has led her career into years of experience as an administrator and researcher, focused on biotechnological advances, genetics and medical holistic alternatives. With her support of immigrants through their transition into the United States, she has gain an insight of various health perspectives and customs. This experience helped her develop various projects including The Heroes Collective, PTSD of Colonialism and The Rehab America Summit. With her dedication towards human right advocacy, she has supported many activists and organizations, specifically focused on improving the mental, spiritual and physical

well-being of minorities.