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Passing and Black Fishing are two very different things

So I spoke at the What is Color? What is Race? conference in Southington, Connecticut. Of course the event was focused on racism, injustice, and turmoil within the Black community.

My presentation starts at 1:47:50 in the video, but I recommend watching all the lecture because you may learn a thing or two. What I specifically spoke about was colorism and more specifically passing vs. black fishing. A lot of time was spent explaining why one was a survival tactic while the other was exploitation. I appreciated the input by the audience and the genuine questions that came up.

What you should really pay attention to is the biracial teen who was in the audience. She explained her experience in the suburbs of CT, the complexities of her family dynamics and her desire to embrace her blackness as we evolve into an adult. She was so insightful, focused and truly made be proud.

Im not worried about the generations that comes after Gen X Y or Z. We need to let them do their thing because I think they really figured it out. Makes me sleep better at night.

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