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Health: (Birthing, Mental Health, Pain)

Black women throughout the history of the United States have suffered. James Marion Sims developed pioneering tools and surgical techniques related to women’s reproductive health, but at the suspense and forced sacrifice of black slave women who were deemed inhuman.

Imagine being forced into surgery without anesthesia and being displayed as a cadaver for the world to see, pain and all. Would you still honor Sims. We all need to apologize and thank Lucy, Anarcha and Betsey for giving us the gift of birth as women.

For generations black people have had their lives used for experiments, entertainment and specimens. Medical apartheid that includes the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and Henrietta Lacks is just modern day examples of the horrors that was faced.

Present Day:

Amazing women who are making a difference for black women and birthing is http://www.birthmarkdoulas.com/ (@blackbirthsmatter )

Serena Williams, Tennis star suffered bloodclot, Tanesia Walker, 31, died giving birth to her second child in November when her heart stopped after a C-section, Beyonce even reported struggles during the birth of her twins.

New York City spent $12.8 million on the initiative to eliminating the black/white racial disparity in deaths related to pregnancy and birthing. They also plan to cut the number of complications in half for every expecting mother within five years.


According to the CDC:

  • White women experienced 12.7 deaths per 100,000 live births.

  • Black women experienced 43.5 deaths per 100,000 live births.

  • Women of other races experienced 14.4 deaths per 100,000 live births

Five years of data ranging from 2008-2012 found that black college-educated mothers who gave birth in local hospitals were more likely to suffer severe complications of pregnancy or childbirth than white women who never graduated from high school.


Crimes (Murder and domestic Violence)

Four in ten Black women experience physical violence from a partner during their life. White women, Latinas, and Asian/Pacific Islander women report lower rates of violence. There have been numerous reports of shootings occurring at a school or hospital which was rooted in a domestic violence dispute, where the women finally leaves just to have her life end by the hands of an unstable man with a gun. Physical harm is not the only thing that should bring concern. They experience significantly higher rates of psychological abuse as well, including humiliation, insults, verbal insults, manipulative control and sexual abuse. More than 20 percent of Black women are raped during their lifetimes.