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Yonce Effect

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Confidence is a Bitch ain't it? You think you got it all figured out a lot of the time and then life like to remind you that you ain't shit.

Here area few things that helps us find our inner Sasha Fierce or at least gives us a bit of a boost of self esteem when we need it.

- Have a mantra to say in the morning to hype yourself up, like "I am amazing, intelligent and worthy of great things in my life". Eventually it should become a natural regular thought and you will begin to believe your mantra

- Have great people around you that keep you grounded but also embrace and express the great things about you. You need friends that see you in a positive light, especially when you are feeling down.

- Truly get to know who you are; mentally, spiritually, physically and even ancestrally/culturally. Knowing yourself wholly gives you the foundation to stand on your own with less doubt about yourself