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Museum of Women's Resistance
This museum is dedicated to black women's contribution in the civil rights movement and beyond. It is also a safe haven.
Still Breuklyn Yoga
This space is a multi use sanctuary for wholeness. Full of yoga, reiki, massages and everything else needed to help your body feel yummy.
Baha'i Centers
Any Baha'i Center in the world is a place you will feel welcomed. The community is there to provide a helping hand.
Cultural Therapy
If you are looking for a therapist of color, you can use the directory from this collective. It's for the culture.
Urban Asanas
Jyll is an animated queen who does yoga like no one you will ever experience. She will help you sit with your shit and more.
Carriage House Birth
The is a great space for expecting mothers wanting midwives as their option for delivery
Grand Street Healing Project
This amazing welcoming space in Brooklyn is an environment for healing, nourishment and overall good energy.
Shen Tao Studio
Bill is a master at helping you become one with your body. He built all his own equipment meant to help you understand her needs.
Think Olio
Want a place to learn new things and make new friends. You get the benefits of learning as if you were in a college lecture with the perks of being in a bar.
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