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Blind Seed
Two lovely ladies who arrange retreats and self care experiences for a peaceful zen encouraged space to recharge.
Rhythm and Breath
Feel the rhythm while you focus on your breath with this Mexican queen.
Cassa Spell
Cassie is the Puerto Rican Priestess and tattoo artist ready to help you get your good vibes on.
Women of Color in Solidarity
To learn how to recharge, reboot and protect your energy from a diverse group of women from difference culture, Women of Color in Solidarity is your go to.
The Joyful Approach
Joy was pushed to breathwork because she needed to save herself, now she saves others with peace of mind.
Juju Bae
Sam is Voodoo Bae and all things Afro-central healing. If you want to build an alter or cleanse yourself she's your queen.
OM Noire
For Yoga Retreats and other excuses for escapes, head to OM Noire for an experience you'll never forget.
Obeah Woman Brewing Co.
Healthy botanically infused kombucha teas and other loving beverages inspired by Caribbean bush medicine
Yin Q
BDSM is a great way to deal with trauma, release tensions and have some fun. Yin can help you with whatever you need the service for.
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