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Black Women's BluePrint
Black women's organization dedicated to fight justice for equality for all people in this country.
Support Creativity
This non-profit provide art scholarships to all creative students documented and undocumented. Giving everyone a chance to follow their creative dreams and make the world a better place through art.
Int. Decade for People of Afro Desc.
From 2015-2024, the international community is recognizing people of African descent for there contribution to the global society and their human rights that must be promoted and protected. Its an initiative to focus on recognition, justice and development.
Dr. Joy Degruy
Dr Joy has wrote the amazing book "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" and dedicated her life to fighting for the rights for black people around the world. She has so much to teach us and so willing to give us the knowledge.
Nothing wrong with learning survival skills. She can teach you that and some.
Black Prepper
We hope the end of the world is not near but it doesn't hurt to be prepared for disasters of any kind.
Latina Hood Feminists are in the streets making sure the unheard have a voice in the women's rights movement.
Let It Ripple
Creators of 50/50 Day and Character Day, this film studio give dedication to making the world a better place through film and discussion.
The Samurider
Be your own shero. She can teach you how.
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