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The Wakanda Workshop

"The Wakanda Workshop" is a workshop inspired by the Marvel Film "Black Panther" to guide a conversation about the black history and present day experience, using the film as a source of reference that is intriguing to many demographics. 

Colorism in conversation

Supporting the initiative of the British publication, The Guardian, we coordinated the panel for the video created to discuss colorism in the black female community.

Served On a Plate

In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th and Women's Herstory Month, Met God, She's Black is auctioning a collection of twelve plates called "Served on A Plate". Each plate has a distinctive visual connection with the western world systematically, culturally, religiously or sociologically. The focused of each plate is the center celebrating the complexities of centralized female anatomy surrounded by detailed imagery lacking symmetry and perfection, which is a tribute to the beautiful imperfections of women. 
Two Souls Walked In.jpg

the Master Piece Exercise

"The Master Piece Exercise" is an activity best done in an art museum to help people see themselves from a perspective of magnificent creation and value. It's taking the idea of the artist and its canvas and shifting the thought to seeing oneself as the work of art.
The Masterpiece Exercise by Majella Mark

black thoughts out loud

Black Thoughts Out Loud is a collaborative collection of thoughts in celebration of Black History Month. For the 29 days of February we posted 29 verses for our writing piece titled "Black Thoughts Out Loud". It will be lines from everyday people and major artists. Each day a new line will be revealed on Twitter. 
Black Thoughts Out Loud Twitter Project

Black Girl Static

We were recording an open discussion with a group of black women of different ethnic backgrounds, ages, professions and perspectives, which was an amazing experience. However the audio got wonky and not wanting to waste content, a video project was created.
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