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Cats are trash human beings

This book "Cats Are Trash Human Beings" is great for people allergic to cats or feminist. Pre-order now.

2020 was rough and the world needs a fun book that's a bit silly, but very relatable. We’re also yearning for creative ways to have deep conversations about racism, sexism and other social justice issues.

Feminism in particular has become a triggering subject for all genders and creating a book that can bring some perspective using the fun analogy of cat behavior is a great way to ease people into having the necessary discussions about gender equality and overall women’s rights. Misogynoir, SWERF, Internalized Sexism; these are all terms associated with feminism that have left people looking like a deer in headlights, but soon we will all be able to look to our cats for the answers.

This book is for the feminists desiring creative ways to bring inclusivity, the parents who need guidance on starting the conversation with their families, the cat lovers who want to engage different people in a space of understanding and the casual readers who want something to scroll through while relaxing.

The book is now up for pre-order on Publishizer for only 30 days. My limited special bonuses are for my personal contacts only and include discounted access to my online course, personal coaching for moms in burnout, and more! I hope you get one before they are sold out! Please pre-order a copy and share this campaign with a friend.

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